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Wednesday, February 26 • 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Walking Tour of the Downtown Raleigh Stormwater Tunnels

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Go underground, and you get a SciO hard hat souvenir! Scott Huler, author of On the Grid which explores modern stormwater management, will lead a small group of adventurers into Raleigh’s stormwater infrastructure. Scott promises to show off “some of the nuttier elements of the Raleigh stormwater system — and yes, that means underground … ish.”

Advice from Scott: “You’ll need to bring your own flashlight and a camera of one sort or another (if you like), and given that many of the places we’ll be walking will have a couple inches of flowing water, you’ll need to either put plastic grocery bags in a pair of hiking boots (my solution) or bring waterproof boots of one sort or another. Or just get wet feet, if you promise not to complain. Note — this is NOT SEWAGE — this is storm water. Which, what with the fertilizer and the brake dust and the pet waste and whatnot I wouldn’t drink, but I wouldn’t worry too much about splashing around in either.”
[Stormwater Film Festival via Scientific American/Scott Huler]
Spaces: 12
Leave hotel 1:00, return 4:00
Transportation: Walking Tour
Fee: $20, includes hard hat

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Q&A Moderator

Scott Huler

Scientific American

Wednesday February 26, 2014 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Field Trip